To prevent child exploitation.

To reduce the number of child victims.

Our Strategy

PROTECT –  through awareness and education. Engage and empower communities in a collective effort to safeguard our children.  #ItTakesAnArmy

PREVENT –  through education. Knowledge is power. Certified training and education efforts of predator and pedophile behavior, tactics and targets allows us to outsmart them.

COLLABORATE – through partnerships and strategic alliances with effective organizations who provide services that we do not, in order to assist with their efforts and directly support the children in their care.

ERADICATE – through enforcement. Legislative pursuits in support of critical prevention methods and strategies used and mandated.  Increase offender penalties and prosecutions.  Broaden child victim’s rights.

Do not underestimate the power of prevention.

Awareness and prevention education are critical components of ending the sexual mistreatment of our children. Prevention efforts are proven to reduce the number of child victims. By training and engaging the community at large as well as parents, and children,  we will form a full circle of protection for safe and thriving communities who are prepared for and can stop predators and pedophiles.


Awareness and Prevention

  • Training and Education programs – prevention of child exploitation, sexual abuse and trafficking.
    • Communities at large
    • Children and youth
    • Young adults
    • Parents
    • Public sector – businesses, hotel and travel industry, educators, churches etc.
  • Child/Youth education and support focused on empowerment, stability and reducing vulnerability
    • social and emotional behavioral health
    • mental health access
    • substance abuse and suicide prevention
    • anti-bullying
    • intimate partner abuse.


Fullcircle40 HOPE Fund

Our HOPE Fund is structured to assist those who provide care for children.

The goal is to give them Hope for their future.  Where there is Hope there is Freedom.

It is designated as a fund-the-need type program where we assist in various areas and through various qualified and effective organizations to directly affect children.

We are not a service provider.

We do not fund the facility, we fund the children in the facility (or program) directly.

  • It is within our objectives to say “where we can’t prevent it, we can still help end it”.
  • Through our collaborative efforts with organizations and individual providers, we are able to determine the needs of the children they work with.
  • Many times the funding organizations receive is not enough to reach the children past “the basics” and sometimes not even then.   When that happens, we strive to provide ‘extras’ for these children to bring them Hope.  What is considered by many to be ‘everyday life’ is vastly different than what these children see everyday. We do not fund the facility, we fund the children in the facility
  • This fund can only operate with the contributions of our community.
    • We do not receive government or state grants or any form of grant money.  We campaign for specific needs as they arise however the list is extensive and ongoing so there will always be a need to sustain it.
  • Funding from this program will never be used for overhead, operating costs or salaries for ours or others’ organizations.
  • Some examples of types organizations/programs we can help:
    • At-risk child/youth programs
    • Children in need, general community, struggling or homeless
    • Foster care
    • Shelters
    • Group Homes
  • Some examples of tangible provision direct to the children: 
    • Victim/Survivor Aftercare Services
      • Trauma recovery/care
      • Basic essentials
      • Mental health access
      • Assistance to youth who are  “aging out” of care facilities
      • Transition
      • Reintegration
      • Education
    • Holidays/Birthdays/Special Occasions/Celebrations
      • Sometimes we are able to present something special to encourage them, to praise them for a job well done, to uplift and brighten their day.  Things many of us take for granted are them a tremendous and welcomed surprise.

****Any cases that require direct services will be referred out to our partners, allies and other qualified organizations. This is one of main reasons we try to collaborate with others, we need to know who we can safely refer children and families to.  We take very seriously our commitment to the well being of children. If we don’t trust you, we won’t ask anyone to do so either.

Emergency situations that we are aware of will be referred to emergency personnel and first responders.  We do not have staff nor do we have a hotline, nor are we set up for immediate return phone calls or emails.  If you require immediate assistance please call 911 or your local police department.  

****We are a mandated reporting state.  We will always make the call to the appropriate authorities.  We suggest you do the same.

    • 911 or local police
    • 1-800-96-ABUSE (Florida Child Abuse Hotline)
    • 1-800-THE-LOST (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    • 1-866-347-2423 (Homeland Security Investigations)
    • 1-888-373-7888 (National Human Trafficking Hotline)

Collier County organizations you may try to reach:

Project Help, Naples – Free counseling and advocacy services.  24 Hour Hotline – 239-262-7227

Youth Haven, Naples – Emergency and Residential Shelter – 239-774-2904 (M-F only 9:00am-4:30pm)

NAMI Collier – Free mental health support and services  – 239-260-7300

Help us arise, and shine the Light to protect our children from the thick darkness of sexual exploitation.